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[MOC] Harvest Time in Zamorah - Guilds of Historica
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It's harvesting times in the shire of Zamorah. Howard, his son Emmet and Special Ed is peasants on the big Barrunda Manor’s farm. The farm owns a great area of land in the eastern parts of Zamorah. They grow many different crops in the fields. Howard and the others is harvesting grains that is going to the mill in Miller's Garden.


Lumberjacks Gareth, Rowdy and Balldin is chopping down some trees on Barrunda Manor’s lands. Some of it is going to be firewood for the farm and some is going to the sawmill.


This is a part of my summer task, to complete HSS up untill the City Hall (that is a bigger project this fall). I was going to build a farm. But the idea of using the bushes for grain made the MOC to big. So I did it with my other idea of Lumberjacks. The Farm is coming very soon....
Here is som extra photos of the wild life:

//Peter Z:a Ilmrud (Zilmrud)


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SV: [MOC] Harvest Time in Zamorah - Guilds of Historica
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Snyggt och väldigt levande :)


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