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The journey of Parzival
Chapter I, part I
The wakeup

Total darkness. A buzzing sound fills the consciousness.

“Where am I? Who am I?” he thinks

He open his eyes a bit. A bright white light fills his eyes and it stings and burns. But he really wants to see… He takes his hands to his face. It’s warm and he is sweating. His mouth is dry, but he tries to say something.

“- Gahh. Where… who…. Tirsty!”


“- He is awake!” a voice says.

He opens his eyes again. He can see a bright light and shadows. He close his eyes again and do another try. Now he sees a bright sky between some form of bars in front of him. And he sees shadows… no, it's faces looking down at him.

“- Here, drink some of this.” a voice says

He feels a warm liquid pouring down his throat. Is smoothing and the pain in his throat begins to decline. The people around him helps him to a upright position, sitting against some kind of bars, they are warm.

“- Where am I? Who are you”

“- Haha, that's a good question son, why don’t you tell us?”

He opens his eyes again and look at the man. He can only see a blurry face of an older man, with some kind of patch over his left eye.

“- Who are you?” he asks the man.

“- Well, that’s a good question also. We can’t answer that questions ourselves son. But all we can say is that we are traveling through some kind of desert or wasteland.”

He covers his eyes and shields away the sun and look around him. They are sitting in a carriage with steel bars and some kind of cloth shielding the most of the sun away. The carriage is drawn by an elephant and in front of that there is a camel with an man in a cape and a hood.

He looks around himself and se four other people in addition to the first man, all poorly dressed in rags that only covers their private parts at the most.

“- Who are you?”

“- Well we don’t really know that. We all waked up here in this carriage and we can’t remember who we are.”

“- What do you remember?”

He tries to remember something, but his head is all fuzzy. He tries to concentrate and remember something, but the more he concentrate the more some kind of buzz increases in his ears and he feels a pain in his head. He stops and feel more tired than before.

“- We don’t know our names, but we got nicknames. I’m called Pointy, because of my point ears of course. The man to your left is Hammer”  She points to a man with a black mohawk type hairstyle. ("Hammer")

  “- The man besides him is Left eye”
She points at a man with black hair and moustache and a patch over his right eye.  ("Left Eye")

“- And I am called Right eye”

“- And I’m Hooves. And we agreed to call you Z”

“- Why do you call med Z?”

“- Well, that’s simple”. You got a Z type birthmark by your dragon tattoo” she points at his arm.

Z looks down on his upper arm and se a big tattoo of an dragon on his arm.

He looks at his other arm and se some kind of wound, or a mark och brand like the ones used for cattle on his other arm. Z looks up and sees that the other males in the carriage has the same, but not Pointy.

Then he sees that all of the males also have a metal cuff on their right arms.

“- What’s this” Z hold his arm up and shakes the cuff.

“- We all go that so the slave trader can chain us together” Left eye points towards the man at the camel in front of the caravan.

“- Slave trader?” Z asks out loud

   “- SHUT UP BACK THERE!” a man in the front of the carriage yells at them.

“- Yes, he is going to sell us we think” she says with a sad face…...


Z and his crew

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SV: [MOC] The journey of Parzival - The wake up (Chapter I, part I) - GoH
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SV: [MOC] The journey of Parzival - The wake up (Chapter I, part I) - GoH
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