Författare Ämne: Hur funkar kundtjänsten hos LEGO  (läst 1020 gånger)

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Hur funkar kundtjänsten hos LEGO
« skrivet: 08 augusti 2019 kl. 13:56 »
Alyssa Harrington    Alyssa Harrington
Posted yesterday at 01:47 PM
Hi friends! 👋I have an opportunity to share your valuable feedback / ideas with the Consumer Services team. CS is currently reviewing its online presence and looking toward the future—How can we evolve and innovate for our customers? To that end, we’re super interested in knowing what our AFOLs think of our online customer service experience and what they’d like to see more of as we look to the future. 

This survey is best completed by those who’ve interacted with our website before, whether it’s our help topics or our device guides or any other feature that exists on our service site. Anyone can take the survey -- as long as they are an AFOL! 😄

If you'd like to take a few minutes to fill out the survey, here it is ⤵️


Please respond before August 20 so that we can quickly turn results around to you. We've heard your feedback that you'd like to see more transparency from input sessions like this, and as such I'll be compiling a quick recap of feedback / results to share with you (that is, assuming it's not top secret 🛂).

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SV: Hur funkar kundtjänsten hos LEGO
« Svar #1 skrivet: 19 augusti 2019 kl. 23:48 »
Tänkte fylla i den här undersökningen, men den togs visst bort före den 20 augusti. Kanske lika bra.  ::)
Pluppsala finns även på Flickr. Välkommen!


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