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Flintstones - LEGO Ideas tävling
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Hasan Jensen    Hasan Jensen
Posted June 6
Hi Ambassadors,

I'm glad to announce a new contest, this time related to the nostalgic Flintstones set from LEGO Ideas. We can't wait to see the wacky things fans come up with.

The Brief:
Yabba Dabba Doo!!! It must be a blast living in the city of Bedrock with Fred and Wilma and all of the wacky inventions that surround them. Wouldn’t life just be a little more fun if you had a pedal car, an elephant vacuum cleaner, a lobster lawn mower or an octopus dishwasher? We certainly think so! Therefore, we now challenge you to transform any item that you think would fit into the Flintstones universe in Bedrock – in LEGO bricks of course...

Full Contest Details:

As always feel free to participate yourselves and share with your communities.


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