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Ninjago möjlighet
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Alyssa Harrington
Posted 17 hours ago
Being a master of spinjitzu is a full time job. Have you ever wondered how your favorite ninjas spend their day off? We’re looking for 10 volunteers to receive 1 or 2 sets from the upcoming LEGO Ninjago release and use the minifigures included to show us all the fun the ninjas have when they aren't training.

💥Examples and Inspiration
Does Lloyd sleep in on Saturday mornings? Does Nya play video games all night? Does Zane hit the beach and catch some waves? You decide! Here's a cool photo of Garmadon eating cereal (by Jme Wheeler) for inspiration.

Q: Can I create a series of 3-5 photos of one ninja doing multiple things (ex: morning, afternoon, evening) on their day off?
A: Sure!

Q: Can I build one scene and take 3-5 photos of that particular scene?
A: Absolutely!

💥Delivery Details
3-5 pieces of photo content on a clean background. Do not use action toys, third party elements or minifigures from IP other than LEGO Ninjago (ex: no Star Wars, no Marvel characters). Do not use minifigures from another LEGO Ninjago release (ex: no LEGO Ninjago Movie minifigures). The content sourced from participants will be utilized on LEGO Channels and potentially on third party partner sites.

July 14 - Fans selected!
July 18 - Products shipped!
August 17 - Content delivered!

All participants will receive 1 or 2 sets from the upcoming LEGO Ninjago release. Each participant will receive a compensation package of similar retail value so that each participant is compensated fairly.

💥I Want To Participate!
If you or anyone in your recognized community is interested, please send me an e-mail at Alyssa.Harrington@LEGO.com with the subject "LEGO Ninjago Volunteer" in the subject line. We kindly request you include your full name, recognized community name and possibly a link to any previous models or content you've created. This opportunity is open to all countries but the content will be featured in the US Market.

💥I Have A Question!
Feel free to reply to this topic and I'll get back to you!
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