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[MOC] Bad i en varm källa
« skrivet: 30 januari, 2018 Kl:19.40 »
Ett snabbt bygge för en kategori jag hade kvar i det challenge i Brethren of the Brick Seas som avslutas idag. Ganska trevligt med byggen man knåpar ihop på nån timme när man haft ett par månadslånga projekt på gång ett tag :)

“Jameston, Celestia, 30th day of the 1st month, 618 AE

Distinguished fellows of the Royal Society,

In the name of science and our Queen, may her reign be long and prosperous, I have a new geological find of great interest to report to you.

In my exploration of the wonderful island of Celestia, I have discovered a spring where the water is hot and with a visibly different chemical composition to the surrounding streams and small lakes. While I have not yet been able to analyze the chemical composition of the spring in my laboratory, by it’s odour I conclude that it most certainly contains traces of sulphur. After a good long bath in the spring’s waters my skin is clearly rejuvenated, so my assumption is that it has some medical properties worthy of further research.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Alistaire Garrett”


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