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Hello and welcome to Swebrick!

The Swedish LUG for AFOLs

We are the main community for Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOL) in Sweden, with the forum www.swebrick.se, as our main meeting point. Our purpose is to have fun with LEGO and spread the word about Lego as an adult hobby, for example by maintaining an active forum, arranging meetings and participating in LEGO-related events.

Swedes usually understand English pretty well, but posting in English is not the norm on swebrick.se. If you are a new immigrant to Sweden and don't know Swedish all that well yet, feel free to seek contact in English. We certainly won't bite, but please be prepared for bad English and people responding in Swedish to English posts.

Here you can find our magazine, all in Swedish, describing Swebrick and our precious LEGO hobby:
The Swebrick magazine

The forum and club

The forum became active on 13th of January 2009, and in November the same year the club was founded. It follows the swedish club-tradition as a non-profit organization, were the members annually vote for the board. The LUG is AFOL only. That is, all members are 18+.

At the moment, January 2017, we are 2793 members on the forum and 299 paying members. The forum is free of charge and open to anyone who wants to join.

The current board, login is needed.
Email to contact us: info@swebrick.se

Annual exhibition

Every year, since 2012, we hold one bigger exhibition open for the public. It is also the place for the annual general meeting. In 2017 we were in Linköping at the Swedish Air Force Museum, 11500 visitors over two days. So far we have moved the exhibition to a different city every year.

The number of smaller local exhibitions is increasing. There are eleven smaller local groups that are meeting regularly and more are on the way.

There are also meetings and workshops that are for members only.
Swebrick regional groups (registration on the forum is needed)

Community builds

We put a lot of effort into Community Builds, CB. The Post apocalyptic landscape is the most famous one, featured in both Blocks magazine, no 15, and Bricks, no 6. We have developed a standard for collaborative builds, moduverse. The idea first came from our friends in Palikkatakomo, Finland. There are other standards, for example for apartment buildings.

Building together means that we can build bigger and better, with more pieces and more ideas. The Tie Fighter Hangar was the CB that started it all. Now we have built many more, City, Train, Medieval world, Micropolis, Star Wars Death Star Trench, Great Ball Contraption, Aetheria, The Wild West, Doll House, Apartment Building … and more are coming.
Our Community builds

Popular thread

The most popular thread on the forum is “guess the book, movie, tv series”, with more than 600 000 views. The task is to build a vig, 8x8, representing for example a scene in a movie. The first person who can get it right will do the next build.
To the thread.


We have contests online and at our meetings. Every month we pick a build-of-the-month on the forum.
Our contests


We are also aiming to increase the co-operation with the other scandinavian LUGs, Palikkatakomo Finland, Byggepladen Denmark and Brikkelauget Norway. In the autumn of 2016 it was a Scandinavian workshop in Billund and Give. We are aiming for another one in 2018.

Information to new members on the forum and the LUG

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Swebrick regional groups

Swebrick regional groups as of 2017.

The Swebrick magazine

The Swebrick magazine of 2017.

Community build Tie Fighter Hangar

The Community build, Tie Fighter Hangar, that was the first of many CBs for Swebrick.

Community build Post-apocalyptic landscape

The Post-apocalyptic landscape as it was featured in Bricks no 6. Photo: Andrew Tipping. Text: Tim Johnson.